Electric cars worth buying: Mercedes B Class Electric Drive

All right, let’s continue with another car in the list of cars worth buying!

Mercedes-Benz has a great history (started/patented in 1886 by Karl Benz) in building cars and their cars are pretty likeable and easily distinguishable on the road with the logo either on the top of the hood or integrated in the grill.

As of 2014 Mercedes released their answer to the demand of creating an electric car. The approach Mercedes chose is actually a good one. Daimler, the company behind Mercedes, owned shares in Tesla Motors, the company of the only luxury electric car. They used these shares to be able to use some of the technology Tesla had readily available and integrated the power train in the car.

Mercedes asked their fanbase what kind of looks they would like to have on a electric vehicle and they answered with: “Don’t make it look like a space ship”.

This brought them to the conclusion that it would be more convenient to go with an existing car and the chose the Mercedes Benz B Class which was already out their, lifted it up, removed the ICE system and rolled the electric technology underneath it and put everything together.

This resulted in a car that looks similar to the Mercedes Benz B Class but with Tesla Technology inside and that’s exactly what got my attention: A car that looks like a car but doesn’t have the exhaust of a car. Although it has many features that don’t have to be disliked by a lot of people, the Mercedes B Class doesn’t regularly pop-up in the list of EV’s, that’s why I’d also like to cover this car.


That’s why I eventually scheduled to make a test drive and the experience was quite nice. I have already experienced the Tesla Model S so I know of it’s instant power and the Mercedes has the same attitude. It speeds up from 0 to 60 mph in about 5 to 6 seconds has enough space to fit a whole family and the trunk is similar in size as the normal B class.

Pro: Range

The Mercedes B Class has a range of 124 miles or 200 km, with the range extender you can get up to 142 miles or 230 km. However, the current owner of the car I tested told me that he has an actual range of 130 miles or 210 km with the range extender).

This makes the car a great option to get from A to B in The Netherlands. Getting back, however, requires you to charge up before you head home or somewhere else.

Pro: Driving

Driving the car is smooth like butter. No engine noise and the accelaration is good. The car can accelarate from 0 to 60 mph in about 5 to 6 seconds. The top speed, however, capped at 100 m/h or 160 km/h.

Acceleration doesn’t feel as speedy (more or less a bit bulky) as a Tesla Model S but it still goes fast enough as a family car.

Pro: Luxury

The car is a Mercedes and Mercedes nearly always equals luxury, no exception with this car. The lease edition, for example, has all the features included that you would like to see in a car. Navigation, cruise control, chair heating and so on.


Neutral: Charging

Charging takes about 8 hours to fully load the car. When you’re able to charge your car at home you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble with those loading times but when you’re at the road this might be problematic. Fastloading, through a supercharger, isn’t possible. However, every car outside the Tesla has these difficulties.

Neutral: Price

The price totally depends on your situation and the lease edition is priced at 52000 dollar or 46000 euro. This edition has most of the features includes as already stated.

Con: Backseat space

The only downside is that they had to move the floor for the backseats up a bit to make room for the battery packs. This means that larger people >6′ might have trouble sitting in the back seat and might have a feeling they are sitting with their head between their knees. This also means not all Tesla technology has been integrated into the car because the Model S has it’s engine(s) neatly integrated on the wheelbase and the Mercedes B Class has a big electrical engine under the hood and it’s batteries stacked under the backseats and trunk.


All in all this is a car that’s worth looking at if you’re looking into EV’s and you can’t wait for a Tesla Model 3 or Chevrolet Bolt. Why this car hasn’t been in the spotlights all that much is still a mystery to me but I would definitly recommend to try it out and if you can’t wait this is a sure feasible option.

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