Electric cars worth buying: Tesla Model 3

Note: This post will be updated live when the unveiling of the Tesla Model 3 starts at the 31st of March, 8:30pm PDT (Amsterdam time: 5:30am on the 1st of April).

The Tesla Model 3, the most anticipated electric vehicle in the upcoming years will be unveiled tomorrow.

Tomorrow, 31st of March 8:30pm PDT, Tesla will unveil more information about their latest model which will be of a D budget which means it has to compete with cars like the BMW 3 or Audi A4.


The range of the Tesla Model 3 will be at least 200 miles and will be about 20% smaller than the Tesla Model S which will get it to the following dimensions:

  • Length: 3.98 meters (Model S: 4.97 meters)
  • Width: 1.57 meters (Model S: 1.96 meters)
  • Height: 1.14 metres (Model S: 1.43 meters)

This is just pure raw calculations of taking the original sizes of a Model S and reducing the dimensions with 20%. However, I don’t believe these dimensions will exactly match the dimensions of the Tesla Model 3. Why? Because the width of the car would be lower than a Opel Corsa which will make the Tesla Model 3 unrealistically small and not worth it’s price tag. Officially they referred to the Model 3 as 20% smaller in size of the Model S or the size of a BMW 3 or Audi A4.

Brand likeability

Why is everybody so interested in the Tesla Model 3 or the Tesla brand? Because Tesla isn’t following the standards of other brands and is integrating technology that has already revolutionized the way we look at cars. One of the features I personally will be interested in is whether the Model 3 has a front trunk or frunk just like the Model S, which means additional space to take stuff with you which is quite beneficial in various cases.

This is just one of the examples where Tesla doesn’t follow the conventional brands and that’s just what I like about Tesla, the unconventional thinking makes their car both a frontrunner and rebel in the car industry.

Personal experience

I have had the chance to drive with an early edition model S 60 and later edition Model 70d which both were a pleasure to drive in.

The driving experience, especially with a powerful car like the Tesla Model S is truly refreshing and doesn’t want you to get back into your old “conservative” combustion engine car. The thrill when pushing down the throttle pedal and feeling that instant rush of power going through the car is truly an awesome moment to experience.

This is also the reason why I am looking forward to the Tesla Model 3 and the possible features it carries.


Pending until the unveiling of the Tesla Model 3.


Pending until the unveiling of the Tesla Model 3.


Reserve a Tesla Model 3 for yourself

As of today you can reserve a Tesla Model 3 for yourself, however, the waiting list is expected to be about 2 years and countries which are having the steering wheel at the right side of the car might even have to wait longer because the left sided steering wheel is getting priority when manufacturing the car.

Tomorrow you will be able to reserve a car at https://www.teslamotors.com


[5:30] We’re off!


[5:31] Getting excited! As everybody, we’ve waited a long time to see what the Tesla Model 3 is all about and now that moment has arrived! Stay tuned for more!

[5:35] We’ve got footage!


[5:38] Elon Musk talking about sustainability at the unveil and the importance for us to move away from fossil fuels.


[5:43] Walking through the history and drive of Tesla


[5:46] We’re almost there

The range is 250 miles at least and includes standard auto pilot software (will always be included and is not an option).


[5:49] The frunk (front trunk) has been confirmed and the Tesla Model 3 is also capable of using the super charger!


[5:50] Doubling the amount of locations to sell the Tesla cars.

[5:52] The giga factory will be the largest building around and will only second to the boeing factory. It will produce more lithium-ion batteries than all the other factories combined. It’s operational today.

[5:53] Deliveries will start next year and th price will be $35.000. With no options you will still have a great car.

[5:55] Here it is!







Shut up and take my money is my initial reaction with the combination of it’s looks and it’s features. The Tesla Model 3 is truly a smaller version of the Model S and the Model X combined and with it’s range of at least 250 miles it’s a car that’s suitable to drive around far enough.

Combine that with the availability of the Super Charger network and you’re good to go everywhere and even go on vacation withuot any range anxiety.

Alright, I am going to reserve my spot (in the upcoming days) for a seat in the car of the future, have a great day everybody!

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