The Ocasual beverage: Water

Water, the essence of life.

Water was founded around 4.6 billion years ago and the family business has kept going strong ever since. It seems like the secret ingredients never grow old.
It might also be a case of a solid business plan which integrated water in nearly everything we create, whether it’s a beer or your own body.

I first drank water around september 1985 and it has been in my life ever since.

Personally I don’t get bored of drinking water and have restricted myself to only drinking this beverage throughout the day, with the ocasual coffee every now and then, of course. I like the refreshing taste of water.

Bottle / Container

Water does come in a bottle but it is of various brands but the most known brand is probably The Sweet water Lake™.

On Earth there is more water than land mass but most of this water is salt water. Only 1%, including bottled water, is sweet water, the water that we can drink.


The tase of water is best described as no taste at all, that’s why most people will find it dull and move on to a more taste-full beverage. However, that’s not all true. Research has been done on the taste of water and they’ve found that water tastes or has a hint of the taste of the food or drink that you ate or drink before drinking water. This so-called after effect of drinking water seems to re-activate the taste cells and therefore tastes somewhat like what you ate or drank before.


The color of water can be best decribed as color-less or transparent. However,  it does become blue when it get’s more thick.

Although water is the essence of life, we can’t drink too much of it or else something like “water intoxication” can occur. This has, for example, occured in a radio show in 2009.

Why this post?

Why not? No, the real reason behind this post is that I like to drink (alcoholic) beverages occasionally and would like to share my thoughts on those drinks, so what wouldn’t be a better introduction to start with the essence of life and those beverages?

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